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City of Crystal River
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Assistant City Manager & Community Services

Business Tax Receipts, Code Enforcement, Park Enforcement, Water Patrol

Planning and Zoning and Development Services and Fire Department

The Assistant City Manager and Community Services department consists of Assistant City Managers office, Planning and Development Services,  Business Tax Receipts, Code Enforcement, Park Enforcement, and Water Patrol.

Planning and Zoning & Development Services

The Planning & Community Development Services is responsible for managing and coordinating the building, planning, zoning and floodplain management divisions of the City of Crystal River. 

The Building and Zoning Divisions assist property owners in understanding the applications required to facilitate approval, while meeting the objectives, of their project. While utilizing proactive planning practices based on adopted regulations and statutes, the department coordinates all land development activity in the city.  The department reviews applications for existing and new commercial and residential development projects, making recommendations for numerous processes including rezoning, conditional use, variance, site plan and subdivision applications.  These applications are reviewed for completeness and compliance with the Land Development Code (LDC) and the City's Comprehensive Plan. The Planning & Zoning Department also prepares and presents detailed information to the Planning Commission for a recommendation to the City Council. Additionally, the department addresses questions from the public and other government agencies about the City’s Land Development Regulations and procedures.

Code Enforcement

The City of Crystal River

Code Enforcement Department is responsible for preserving the quality of life and value of both public and private properties. Our actions serve as a catalyst in preserving a high standard of living by mitigating conditions which may threaten lives, health, safety and general welfare of the residents of this city. The Code Enforcement Department provides a comprehensive inspection system to respond to citizen complaints and enforce minimum standards ordinance, zoning, land development and sign regulations. Code Enforcement works closely with the Fire Department, Law Enforcement, Planning Department, Building Department and the City Clerk’s Office to enforce business, rental and occupational licenses within the city.

To report a possible code violation in your neighborhood you can call 352-795-4216 ext. 340 or email it to ssemmes@crystalriverfl.org 

Fire Department

The members of the Crystal River Fire Department are recognized as leaders in the profession and as community role models. They provide responsive services to the citizens by investing in training, education, tools and equipment. They are being accountable to each other and strive to promote one another’s abilities as they guide the department into the future.

The Crystal River Fire Department duty is to protect the lives and property of our citizens, business owners and visitors to the City of Crystal River by providing the highest level of service through fire and life safety prevention, public education, emergency medical services on a first responder's level, fire suppression and the mitigation of the effects of natural disasters.

In addition to fire suppression the Fire Department is involved in search and rescue operations, working closely with other city and county agencies to ensure the safety and welfare of the community.
Understanding that education is the key to prevention, the department offers their services to the public to educate in fire safety and preventative measures.  

They attend civic events and demonstrate their equipment to the public.

Brown "Jack" Dumas III, Fire Chief
Phone: 352-634-0559

Park Enforcement

Park rangers interact with a wide variety of City park users.  Rangers are tasked with patrolling, protecting and supervising the City's parks and boat ramps. The park rangers patrol City parks, boat ramps and parking areas to make sure visitors are following the rules and do not disrupt the natural environment or fellow guests. 

City Boat Ramps located at Pete’s Pier and 3rd Street have a launch fee that applies and are patrolled by park rangers throughout the day.

Linda Burch

Wesley Diebold

Richard Stapleton

123 NW US Hwy 19 

Crystal River, Fl. 34428

352-795-4216 x 338


For issues or comment related to a parking citation please call 352-795-4216 ext. 344. A ranger will contact you within 24 hours.

Pump-out Boat Services

The City of Crystal River provides for pump-out services in order to keep the waters of Kings Bay clean.  Fore Services call 352-586-0588 of Channel 16.

Water Patrol

The Water Patrol is responsible for monitoring for unsafe conditions, monitoring federal manatee regulations and guidelines as well as related offenses related to the Kings Bay .  Water Patrol focuses primarily on conducting monitoring of manatee interactions with manatee tour companies and visitors, to identify safety violations, and responding to complaints. Position will actively work with USFWS, FWC and Sheriff’s Department on non-compliant activities. 

  • Daily inspection and monitoring Kings Bay activities.  Work with operators, rental boat companies and property owners on the phone, face-to-face and through written correspondence to obtain voluntary compliance.

  • Investigates complaints and attempts to make contact with the responsible property owner to bring the property into compliance if violations are determined to exist.

  • If owner does not comply, initiates code enforcement proceedings ultimately appearing before the City’s Hearing Officer.

  • Assist Code Enforcement and Park Rangers if required.

Voluntary Kings Bay Vessel Registration

Complete Form and Submit.

If field does not apply insert N/A.
Owner Name
Address: City, State and Zip Code
Phone Number:
FL Number:
Decal Number:
Current Location:
Intended Use: (Live Aboard, Short or Long-term Mooring)
Pump-out services are required, would you like more information? To Schedule pump-out services call: 352-586-0588
Secondary Contact: Name and Phone Number

Assistant City Manager & Community Services

123 NW Hwy 19

Crystal River, Fl. 34428

352-795-4216 ext. 342


Brown "Jack" DumasAssistant City Manager 

352-795-4216 ext. 305


Vacant,  Planning & Development Director

352-795-4216 ext. 308


Community Services Administrative Clerk Clerk/Business Licensing

Melanie Harkovich Admin. Clerk/Business License Official

352-795-4216 ext. 342


Water Patrol:
Roger Smith, Water Patrol 

352-795-4216 ext. 341

Assistant City Manager & Community Services

123 NW Hwy 19

Crystal River, Fl. 34428

352-795-4216 ext. 342


Code Enforcement:
Stefanie Semmes, Code Enforcement Officer

352-795-4216  ext. 340



Park Enfrocement:

Linda Burch, Park Ranger II

352-795-4216  ext.338



Wesley Diebold, Park Ranger I

Richard Stapleton, Park Ranger I

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City of Crystal River

123 NW HWY 19, Crystal River, FL 34428

Ph: (352) 795-4216

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